Laced Ivory Gets a Liebster Award

by Roxanne C.

Hello! I’m back from my short unofficial hiatus! As some of you may already know, my boyfriend was in town for a couple of weeks. We hadn’t seen each other for a really long time (way too long, in fact) and I wanted to spend as much time as I possibly could with him before he left. Anyway, now that he’s somewhere in the south of France, I have again some time to blog. The first entry making its way onto Laced Ivory is a tag by lovely Cheryl at La-Moncheri, who nominated this blog for a Liebster Award!



The Liebster Award is for blogs that are up-and-coming and that have less than 200 followers. Since I’ve been tagged by Cheryl, I’ve to answer the 11 questions that she has posed, as well as reveal 11 things about me. So here goes!


Cheryl’s Questions


Q: Any hobbies and pet peeves? 

A: My hobbies include writing, reading and travelling. Pet peeves would be grammer errors!

Q: What would be your ideal career in the future?

A: I’d love to be a writer/author. I’d also like to own a business in the beauty industry, which not only benefits potential consumers, but also the environment and if possible, elephants, which are my favourite animal in the world.

Q: Any plans to venture in the beauty industry on top of your desired career?

A: See the above answer!

Q: What’s your fashion style? Or rather, what you think you go best with in terms of apparels and style?

A: I don’t follow trends but instead wear things that flatter my body the best. I like colours and you’ll rarely see me in an all-black ensemble. It’s too dreary and boring!

Q: Any inspiring quotes that keep the motivation in you?

A: I don’t exactly remember quotes because there’re simply too many of them floating around everywhere. Instead, I remember the principles of famous people, such as Gandhi and Bill Gates, who have achieved success in life, and try my best to live by them.

Q: Have you been involved with anything related to music?

A: I’ve danced in my school’s Talentime competitions, as well as took part in a cheerleading competition while I was a university student. I love cheerleading!

Q: What sparks your interest in blogging?

A: I love to write. In fact, I began writing at the age of about 10 and never really stopped. The type of writings I’ve done have changed over time and blogging makes it really easy to get my work published.

Q: Do you see yourself as a successful person in 10 years’ time?

A: Of course! Otherwise, everything I’ve done would just be a big waste!

Q: Any must-haves in your bag?

A: Lip balm! I can’t go anywhere without it, ever. In addition, I carry my compact mirror with me at all times because somehow, things always get into my eyes. Non-beauty related, I need my daily planner as well to keep me up to schedule, especially when I’ve got events to attend and deadlines to meet.

Q: Any advice to a healthy lifestyle, especially for teens and young adults?

A: Exercise regularly (but not too much), watch your diet (stay away from fast food and fried food), don’t smoke and get enough sleep.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: It takes a long time to get to know me but let’s just say I’m unpredictable, optimistic and have a good sense of judgement.


11 Not-so-Known Facts About Me


1)   My favourite colours are hot pink and turquoise.

2)   I absolutely love travelling. I’ve been to Asia, North America and Europe and have lived in France and Canada apart from Singapore.

3)   I’m a teacher-to-be (have taught for a few months prior to this), and will be teaching Chemistry at the junior college (high school) level in a year. I love Chemistry!

4)   I do pilates every week as far as I can.

5)   I love beaches.

6)   I’ve eaten blue cheese, escargots, frogs’ legs and rabbit meat.

7)   My favourite animal is the elephant.

8)   I’d love to one day live somewhere else other than Singapore.

9)   My favourite makeup brands include Shu Uemura and Dior.

10) I’ve got an uneven hairline.

11) I’m a sandfly magnet. Nothing fantastic about it. *sob*


I’m not sure who else to nominate for this award, because most bloggers I know are either already Liebster awardees or they don’t qualify for it (i.e. have got lots of followers). So if you’re reading this and think you deserve a Liebster Award, well, I say nominate yourself and pass this on! Once again, thanks Cheryl for the tag.




Image credits: Creative Clutters and Crass Talk