5 Things You Should Know about Dating a Beauty Blogger

by Roxanne C.

Beauty bloggers are everywhere. Though not everyone we meet is one, I’m pretty sure almost every country on earth is represented by at least one person who loves writing about beauty, whether it’s about makeup, skincare or even alternative forms of beauty like tattoos and body piercings. If you’re dating one, or will someday happen to, here’s a list of things about us you definitely need to take note of. Hopefully, this will help you score brownie points with your lovey-dovey cutie pie!


1) We obsess over our blogs a lot.

Our blogs are like our own babies. Just like how new mothers switch from being all about their careers to all coo-ey about their newborns, we don’t stop talking about the fruits of our own labour. We spend way too much time on our blogs, writing, taking pictures and dolling up all in the name of beauty. Whatever free time we have, we spend it on our blogs. It’s like another job to us but it’s something we’re truly passionate about. If you ever catch us by surprise at home with a face full of makeup and an arm full of coloured streaks, don’t be alarmed. We ain’t crazy, we’re just making use of time to create looks our readers will love.


2) We love makeup.

This is probably self explanatory but for the uninitiated, this was why we started our blogs in the first place. Just like how Shakespear penned sappy love stories a la Romeo & Juliet, we pen down everything we know about beauty, makeup and skincare, albeit in modern language. We own a huge stash of makeup, much more than what we can ever finish using but yet can’t stop ourselves from buying even more each time we head to the beauty section of the departmental store. Call us hoarders if you want, but at least our makeup gets its own special storage and are neatly compartmentalised as well. This brings us to point number 3.


3) Makeup > chocolates.

Makeup makes us happy. Don’t know what to get us for a birthday? Just get makeup – It beats everything else, even the good ol’ roses-and-chocolates combo. If you want to show us that you’re really serious about things, getting makeup as gifts shows that you put thought into gift-buying and sincerely want us to be happy. Besides, it means you’re trying to get to know us better when you put in effort to find out what our favourite beauty brands are. That, to us, is sweet.


Shu Uemura knows the best way to a girl’s heart: Combine makeup and chocolates!


4) We’re vain.

Very, very vain. We don’t leave the house without at least some form of makeup on, if the place we’re headed to has more than 10 other people in it. Yes, that probably means the grocery store too. We never go without our lip balms, moisturisers and sun block because we don’t ever want flaky lips, wrinkles and brown spots. We all have that one beauty item which we’ll bring with us to a deserted island and you won’t catch us without it. Oh, hell no.


5) You’re going to be influenced.

There’s no way you can stop this from happening if you’d like us to be a part of your life. We talk about beauty all the time and at some point, somehow, your mind’s going to get infiltrated by phrases like “SPF,” “anti-cellulite” and “contour.” You’ll also end up as our experiment subjects for stuff like creams for cracked heels. Before you know it, you’ll be trying out face moisturisers on your own lips (yes, lips) and concealor on your zits. But that’s OK, because we love you. I mean, on top of our makeup too.





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disincentive August 31, 2012 - 9:22 am

I think it's similar with book bloggers. Almost everything here is real when you change few words. (:

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