Swatch: Farah by Zoya

by Roxanne C.

This is my first nail polish from Zoya, a brand of nail polishes that do not contain the dreaded trio: toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. Add to that camphor as well, and the fact that there are over 300 shades of Zoya polishes! Farah is a nude colour that I think will go well with any skin tone, regardless of whether you’re fair or tanned. It’s a sandy, light latté shade that is wearable for any occasion and goes well with whatever you’re wearing on any particular day – loud prints included!


A swatch of Farah by Zoya under sunlight. Loud prints at the back!


The bottle I got was from a sale, and I think it may have been a bit old, as the polish was thick. However, the pigmentation was still there and the swatch above required only 2 coats. Otherwise, this is a great shade to store as a staple. Nudes never go out of style!





A cafe in Sussex, UK, via Kate.