4 Great Uses of Cotton Buds: Part 2

by Roxanne C.

{This is the second installment of the two-part tutorial titled “4 Great Uses of Cotton Buds.” To read Part 1, click here.}


Now that you’ve seen how we can use cotton buds to help neaten up our messy D.I.Y. manicures and clean up mascara around our eyes, here are two more tricks you can master using a girl’s best friend – the cotton bud!


3) Cleaning up Brow Powder Fallout


Get cleaner, more defined brows.


For those of us who use brow powder, we know that while filling in our brows, some of the powder can fall out onto the skin below. Sometimes, it’s also possible that we accidentally draw out of line and need to erase it, lest we end up looking like we’ve got caterpillars above our eyes. The simplest way to deal with this is just to take a cotton bud and gently swipe off any powder that we want taken off. No makeup remover is needed! Don’t use your fingers to rub the powder off, as this can instead rub the powder into the skin, causing a stain that is harder to take off. This method can also be used to take off eyeshadow fallout on cheekbones, cheeks or the under-eye area.


4) Removing Eye Makeup in Hard-to-Reach Areas


Removing eye makeup need not be traumatising to the skin.


When removing eye makeup, the cotton bud is a great tool for getting into the deep, delicate areas, such as the waterlines and the spaces in between eyelashes (for those of you who tightline). Just soak one end of the cotton bud in eye makeup remover and then gently swipe it across any hard-to-reach areas until all makeup is dissolved and rubs off onto the bud. I love this method because it is not as rough as using a cotton pad and it removes makeup even in the smallest parts of our face. You can even use it for the entire eye area if your eye makeup isn’t too dramatic or thick. And finally, you don’t waste makeup remover because you just use what is needed!


Do you have any other tips on how to use cotton buds? Share them here!





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