Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

by Roxanne C.

As a beauty blogger, I often get requests to feature beauty products on Laced Ivory. Whether they are moisturisers, skin cleansing equipment, lip sticks or liquid foundation, I also get quite a few every now and then to try out and review. Many people think it’s a pretty good life, receiving free products from sponsors. However, all of us bloggers, be it fashion, food or beauty, work for it. And so, it’s nice when we are appreciated for all that we do!


Signorina by Ferragamo.


Signorina by Ferragamo.


The lovely people at Salvatore Ferragamo sent me this very special Signorina set as a way of saying thanks for my support in the past year. I received this in December last year, actually, but since I wasn’t in Singapore then, I only got to see it a few days ago when I returned. Lo and behold – all that pretty, pretty pink!


Signorina by Ferragamo.


The entire set consisting of a body lotion and a shower gel.


I wore this to work today and I love the scent! Thank you, Ferragamo!