Barbie Without Makeup

by Roxanne C.

Famous for her disproportionate bodily features, Barbie is now making waves for another part of her body – her face. Mexican visual artist Eddi Aguirre has created what he thinks the doll would look like without makeup. And it seems to be a total mess. While it seems that there is a stark difference between the Before and After, I can’t help noticing that the Before has such yellow-stained teeth. Am I missing something? Do all people who don’t use makeup not brush their teeth or smoke as well? Please, humanity, don’t make me lose faith in you.


Joke aside, Eddi brings to light the age-old issue of the media distortions and socially perceived notions of beauty and ugliness. He also passes a message about how powerful makeup can be. Apart from the colour and size of her pupils, which remain the same, Barbie without makeup has:

1) freckles on her face and neck

2) frayed hair

3) wrinkles

4) eyebags

5) eye circles (different from eye bags) and discolouration around the eyes

6) less visible lashes

7) thinner lips

8) dark, untouched hair roots

9) yellow teeth with braces


A close-up of Barbie without makeup.

A close-up of Barbie without makeup.


Actually, I think Barbie is just unlucky. Not only that, she also does not follow a skincare routine. Not everybody looks this bad without makeup (Thank goodness!) and not everybody needs this much makeup to look good either. What many of us are unaware of is how beauty companies sell us products by making us think we’re worse off without them. Very similar to the DeBeers story, yes. I can be quite sure, that there are countless ads out there in which the Before pictures have been doctored. Nobody is perfect, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean that we look terrible in every aspect. I mean, tell me, how many individuals do we actually know who has all nine features mentioned in the list above? For me? None.