Presenting l’Eau d’Ivoire by Balmain

by Roxanne C.
Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

If someone mentions the word, “Miami,” what comes to mind besides Horatio? Beach babes, of course. The sun, sand and the sea. Summer. Blue waves crashing upon the shore. Sunbathers and lifeguards. Vintage Mustangs. And the Eau d’Ivoire by Balmain.


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

This fragrance contains bergamot and red current essences – a sweet, swwet symphony.


This second fragrance by fashion label Balmain (I blogged about Ivoire here) looks somewhat like the first, but differs in colour – what a lovely light pink shade – and scent. It’s less musky and more floral, definitely something more girly, more youthful and suited for summer fun. I was invited to the launch in Singapore; Check out some of the pictures I took that day!


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

Balmain Paris – simplistic glamour.


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

Check out all the Eau d’Ivoire bottles on display.


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

Blogger and Daily Vanity co-founder, Kristen, with her pink cupcake!


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

And a picture together. I was extremely casually dressed due to the unforgiving summer heat.


Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain

A shot with Elrica, before her baby popped out! Homie gave birth just a couple of days after this. Congrats, babe!


I also got to meet beauty blogger, Erin, and had a great time chatting with her. You should check out her blog and YouTube channel as well! We also had rose macarons, cupcakes and drinks to go around and free Gelish manicures while models strutted around in their pretty pink dresses! I forgot to take a picture of them though. What a pity – they looked like cupcake fairies!


If you like Ivoire, you might appreciate this one, especially if you’re more into sweet scents. To get the best out of your fragrance, here is a tip: It matters where you spritz. The best places to have perfume on is direct contact with your skin, and not on your clothes, as most people do. Regions like your wrists, neck, cleavage, back of the knees and inner thighs are some good places, though you shouldn’t spray your perfume on them all at once.


The fragrance comes in three sizes:

  1. 30ml, S$65
  2. 50ml, S$90
  3. 100ml, S$130


A little trivia to end this quick entry: Did you know that the bottle cap is supposed to represent the ice cubes in a cocktail glass? Great conversation starter at the next fashion party, you bet. So tell me, is this something you’ll get?