Review: Stop Hurting (Your Feet) with Blistop

by Roxanne C.


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

Pink and purple? That’s half the battle won in getting my heart!


Bunions and broken ankles never stopped any girl from slipping her feet into those perfect glass slippers. But my oh my, whatever would Prince Charming say when he sees those ugly blister marks, or worse, a barely hanging on plaster that’s been unchanged for days? The solution? Blistop!


This press sample couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d just bought a new pair of Pedro’s and they were hurting me real bad. I know right, the things we vainpots do to look good. When I read the product description of Blistop, I knew I had to try it. To put the carriage in front of the horse, this product is a godsend and I highly recommend it to every girl out there!


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

This tough little guy has saved me quite a bit of pain.


It’s pretty easy to use. Just shake the can and spray it onto the areas of your feet that usually get blisters (such as areas near the heel) and then wait for it to dry. Because it’s laden with chemicals, like in a hairspray, I recommend doing this in a well-ventilated area, such as near the entrance of your home.


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

A small nozzle, a concentrated spray.


The spray dries transparent on the skin and isn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, once you have it on, you wouldn’t even feel it’s there. It’s like a second skin and unless someone looks closely, they won’t be able to see anything. You do have to make sure that it’s dry before putting on your footwear though.


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

Blistop just sprayed on. Still glistening wet.


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

When it’s dry, you can only see it up close as it reflects some light.


Blistop by Dermal Therapy

Picture of Blistop dried on skin, taken without flash You can barely see it!


It stays on for quite a few hours and doesn’t wash off easily immediately after application. At the end of the day, to remove it, I usually pop into the shower and let it soften up. Then I peel it away, like how I would do to dead skin after a sunburn episode (which is actually a very bad idea when your skin is still healing, but you get the gist).


The only gripe I have with Blistop is the spray. It dispenses too much product in a single spritz, is tricky to control and I mostly end up spraying more than I need in just one area. It would be better if the spray is more spread out for an even coverage over a larger area. However, for the price of S$11.90, and the fact that it can be used up to 50 times, I’d say it’s worth it. If you’re in Singapore, you can get this at Watsons, Guardian, Unity, SaSa and other independent pharmacies.







* This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.