Review: The K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

by Roxanne C.


K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

Self-created the aegyo sal with K-Palette’s Real Lasting Tears Tank!


Beauty is ever so fickle. Just like fashion! One moment orange is the “in” colour, the next it’s nude blush (which is my current favourite colour by the way), and then several cycles down, it’s orange again. Let’s take a step into the Korean world of beauty at this point in time.


If you haven’t heard, the Barbie nose is all the rage right now in the streets of Gangnam. At the same time, so is the aegyo sal, which is essentially puffy undereyes. For as long as I’ve known, everyone whom I’ve seen smile has puffy undereyes. But how do we create the look without smiling?


I gave the K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank a few tries and decided that this shimmer pen brightens up the undereye area and makes you look younger and more awake!


K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

The Real Lasting Tears Tank contains two ends: one an essence and the other a powder.


On one end of the pen is an essence that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, polyglutamic acid and sophora flavescens. These ingredients are aimed at keeping the skin moisturised and ageing at bay. The essence is colourless so you can apply any makeup over it, or simply use it during bedtime before your eye cream. There is a very light, nondescript scent but you won’t notice it unless you put your nose right next to the brush – and take a deep breath.


K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

The brush on the end with the essence.


On the other end is the shimmer powder, which is the part that gives you aegyo sal! The powder is stored in the cap, and when closed shut, the sponge comes into contact with the powder. This is so that when you open the cap, there will be powder on the sponge and you can use it right away. This concept can be found in several Korean cosmetics in the market and though convenient, is nothing new.


K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

The K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank with all its pink shimmer.


There are two shades available, and they are 01 Glamorous Pink and 02 Elegance Beige. The one I have is the pinker one, though I must say that the difference between the two isn’t very obvious. Glamorous Pink is meant for those of us who don’t naturally have puffy undereyes, and so the contrast against skin is greater. Elegance Beige is for those who already have some puffiness and wish to enhance it.


To use it, I usually dab the sponge under my eyes after my eye makeup has been completed with mascara and liner. Then I take a smudge brush, such as the Sigma E21 Smudge, and just gently smudge it under the eye to create a seamless, more natural glow. It’s so easy to use!


Overall, I do like the effect that the K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank gives. Personally, I don’t see it quite as creating puffy eyes (though it does create that effect), but more as an eye brightener. I use it when I need that perk-me-up during a gloomy winter’s day, or when I have minimal makeup on and just need that extra boost to give my face a 3-dimensional effect. Here’s a tip: Dab some of it in the middle of your lips after your lipstick or gloss for added shine!


This product can be found exclusively at SaSa stores and Beauty Carousel (online) and retails at S$21.90.







* This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.