Link Love: Pretzels, Nudes and Turquoise Glamour

by Roxanne C.

I’ve been a bit on the baking and cooking streak lately, making pasta which everyone seems to love. Hint: It’s all about the sauce! Baking last weekend proved to be a semi-success as well, when the boyfriend and I made some fondant moelleux for the family. The chocolate lava cakes tasted the way they should, but were a bit flat in the middle. Like this already half-eaten one:


Lava Cake

Picture from my Instagram account (@lacedivory).


But if going near an oven isn’t your kind of thing, maybe you’d want to give no-bake recipes a try. I started with cheesecakes, after all. This month, you’ll learn how easy it is to make something that tastes so good (and involve your child at the same time)!


Link Love - Pretzels, Nudes and Turquoise Glamour

1. Chiara from The Blonde Salad touches down in LA and shares her new Styligion dress.

2. Carli from The Beauty Bybel teaches us how to create a purple and gold sparkly look.

3. Sunny from Mostly Sunny reviews the latest Dior Favourite Trianon Makeup Palette.

4. Marisa shares on The Food Network how to whip up No-Bake Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Squares.

5. The lovely duo from The Beauty Department shows us step-by-step how to perfect the nude lips look.


I hope you’ll have a nice time scrolling through these five sites I’ve picked for you. If you do try out the pretzel peanut butter squares, let me know how it worked out! As for me, I think I’m going to try and perfect that lava cake!