Tutorial: ID Day

by Roxanne C.


ID Photo FOTD Tutorial

Smile for the camera!


I finally got down to making my next video, just when I needed to get my photo taken for my new passport (next major travel trip in June)! Your passport photo is one of the most overlooked pictures you can have. I know some people don’t really bother dressing up for it – who else looks at your passport besides the customs officers, right? But I learnt from a past episode of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model that one look at your ID picture could be all it takes to make a difference. Besides, you can print out several copies of that one picture and use it for other purposes, such as your work pass or resume.


This video was such fun to film, partly because Mr. Ratatouille was my videographer and he really cracked me up big time. You’ll see me talking here and there in the video too, and that’s me giving him instructions – we’re both newbies to this filming thing. A couple of my fingers have bruises on them, souvenirs of my recent snorkelling trip.


Read on to watch the video and see the list of items I used, plus some comments I have on the overall look!



For Face:

Dior‘s Diorskin Forever Compact SPF 25 PA++

Sleek Makeup‘s Blush in Pixie Pink 936

Candy Doll‘s Blush in Peach Pink

Bobbi Brown‘s Eyeshadow in Shade 61 Saddle (for brows and contouring of the nose)

MAC‘s eyeshadow in Vanilla (for highlighting)


For Eyes:

NYX‘s For Your Eyes Only Smokey Eyes Palette

Fairy Drops‘ Thin Film Platinum Mascara


For Lips:

Burberry‘s Lip Cover in Cameo No. 02


The look is a natural one, with a day-time smokey eye minus the falsies. The blush needs to go on more brightly than normal because this is for a photo shoot. Camera lighting can be a tricky thing! The lipstick used does not necessarily need to be creamy. It can be glossy or shimmery, as long as it reflects light when the camera’s flash goes off.


If you have any questions or requests, let me know by leaving comments either at the end of this entry or on the video!







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