Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

by Roxanne C.


Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

You’d never know it was there.


I love it when conversations at my workplace turn into beauty talk! The most recent breakfast did-you-know topic was on gelish and how harmful this manicure technique is to the nails. Applying it on isn’t so bad but taking it off – let’s just say it strips your nails of all its sturdiness and leaves it soft, like bread dipped in milk.


My most recent gelish was done using a bright red polish and had a snakeskin pattern on the odd finger.



Knowing how destructive the removal of gelish manicures can be, plus the fact that they cost at least $20 per soak-off, I decided against paying a visit to the nail salon. Instead, here’s what I did and what you can try: Paint over it with a darker nail polish shade and let it grow out.


I used 2 coats of OPI‘s The World is Not Enough and found it to still be quite translucent, so I topped it off with one more coat of Butter London‘s La Moss, my favourite oxblood shade of the moment. Finally, I finished it off with a top coat. Voila! Good as new!


Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

OPI’s The World is not Enough from the Skyfall Collection.


Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

Butter London’s La Moss.


Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

Hide that gelish!


Granted, you can still see where the gelish starts near the base of the nails, but it’s better than having sponges for protein. Your best bet would be black polish, but any dark coloured polish will do. Hope this helps you guys save some money on soak-offs, while you prep your nails for the next gelish session!





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