Link Love: Let’s Go Back in Time

by Roxanne C.


Link Love: Let's Go Back in Time


Today I’m feeling a little pensive but am also very grateful for the break I have from work. What is life, after all, if we can’t take some time out to pause and actually live it? This month’s Link Love blog entry is about the things I currently love doing, or wish I had more time for; Capturing moments that last forever, creating memories that live in our hearts.


1. Sara from The Single Diaries lets us in on the season’s top picks for flower arrangement in your home or office.

2. Jacey from Damsel in Dior takes us back in time when her grandparents wrote love letters to each other during the war.

3. James from Kayture reveals the best camera lens for fashion photography.

4. Jen from The House of Wood teaches us how to make cards and prints using gold foil. It’s time for some art and craft!

5. Seventeen magazine beauty assistant Jillian shows us what’s inside her makeup bag on The Glitter Guide.


As for me, I’ll be off to Australia for a couple of weeks. I’m pretty excited to take my new toy out for a spin, plus do some shoots along the way. Sydney, Cairns and Darwin, I’m coming for you! Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on my whereabouts and see how my trip goes. Love you all.