Happy in My Skin

by Roxanne C.


Happy in My Skin (Bio Oil)

Life’s a beach – if you make it out to be.


Back when I was a kid, I thought scars were something cool. To me, they were something I could show off to others to show how brave I had been, or how unafraid I was at specific moments in my life. But fast forward 20 years or so and things are now a little different.


I have several major scars on me, but today I’ll tell you the stories behind three of them. The first one is a rounded scar on the right side of my torso, just along my rib cage. I don’t remember getting it, but I do remember the period during which I got it. It was during a time when I was in pre-school, when I had a serious case of pneumonia. It got so bad that doctors had to insert a tube into my lungs to drain me of fluids. Till today, I still have some left over inside of me, which gave me quite the scare when I went for an x-ray a few years back.


The second is a pair of almost invisible circles on both of my knees. I got them when I fell down while running in school when I was about 10. At the time, I didn’t think much of them but I knew I’d come to regret it when I got older. Scars on knees are so obvious!


The last one is a huge scar smacked across my right calf. You might have spotted it in my picture taken at the Audi Fashion Festival this year. For everyone who asked, I always enjoy telling them how a pair of huskies gave it to me. Rope burn it was, and the doggies had no idea how much they made me re-consider ever getting a husky myself. Till today, I’m still hoping it will one day fade away.


But the thing is this: I’ve come to love the way my skin looks, with its scars and all. Scars are after all superficial, and if they come with good stories to tell, you can say they make great conversation fillers and wonderful lessons for our children to learn from.


Happy in My Skin (Bio Oil)

Fill your life with positivity.


Ex-MTV VJ Choy has some advice to share as well:

“Be happy with yourself and learn self-acceptance. It is okay if you’ve got freckles or stretch marks on your thighs from puberty, it’s all okay! Because imperfection is perfection and it makes one unique.”


Happy in My Skin (Bio Oil)

Dance like no one’s watching.


Happiness is a choice and everyone should choose to be happy. So, even if the scars don’t fade, you should still celebrate life the way you want to remember it for as long as you live.


Do you have any scars which tell a story? Share them with me, I’d love to hear from you!


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