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November 29, 2014


How to Pack for a Staycation


Hello beauties! As you’re reading this, I’m probably updating Instagram with my staycation pictures. That’s right, Mr. Ratatouille and I are making up for future lost time, as our work is going to separate us for a while in the coming months. Of course we’re dreading it but we refuse to sit around and mope, so we’re celebrating being together whenever we can. And what better way than some alone time, away from prying eyes?


As with all staycations, I always pack a bunch of things, such as skincare and makeup. Over time, the number of things I carry have reduced and today, I’m going to show you how you can pack for a staycation using a cooler bag.


Besides carrying hot soups to your grandmother, or fresh vegetables for a picnic out with friends, cooler bags can also be used in a way that not many people are aware of: And that’s to store beauty products that you can take with you on a short trip somewhere, whether it’s for a staycation or a slumber party with the girls.


Here’s how I packed mine:


How to Pack for a Staycation

1. Face masks! You can carry a few pieces, and the cooler bag keeps them cold for up to 3 hours.


How to Pack for a Staycation

2. Skincare products AND a body scrub. When used cool, they wake your skin up!


How to Pack for a Staycation

3. Nail lacquers, what else? Don’t know which colour to choose? Pick a few and decide later.


If you realise, all these products are generally stored in the refrigerator so that they can last for a longer time. Cold face masks and skincare products, such as moisturiser and eye cream, really do wonders to wake the skin up, so you’ll want them to remain cool while you travel to your destination. (The rejuvenating coffee body scrub was handmade by me. You can find the recipe here.) The same goes for nail polishes. The great thing about them is that their bottles are small, so you can bring several for your occasion.


How to Pack for a Staycation

This bag from Maku Store Singapore fits everything nicely, and there’s even space for more.


How to Pack for a Staycation

All zipped up and ready to go!


How to Pack for a Staycation

There’s a slot at the back of this bag for you to place any identification card, so you don’t lose your skin-loving products.


Now that you’ve seen how you can pack for your staycation, hop on over to Maku Store Singapore and get your very own cooler bag. To make your purchase more wallet-friendly, click here to see how you can get 15% off your purchase immediately.


Stay happy,


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