Rave & Review: The Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-Talk

by Roxanne C.


Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk


If your favourite colour is pink and you like girly bows, then you’ll fall in love with the pretty packaging of the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips – Talk lip stick! I received these two in the mail one fine day, and still can’t get over how cute they look.


The two shades I have are OR202 and PK002.Both are extremely vivid colours in different shades of red. OR202 is more yellow-toned, while PK002 is more blue-toned. If you’re neutral-toned, both shades will fit you perfectly. Here are a shot of the lip colours up close and a couple of instagram selfies of me wearing PK002:


Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk

The Etude House Dear My Wish Lips – Talk in OR202 (left) and PK002 (right).


A photo posted by Roxanne C. (@lacedivory) on


A photo posted by Roxanne C. (@lacedivory) on


This lip product is amazing. The pigmentation is one of the best I’ve seen so far in my many years of beauty blogging and the colour just glides effortlessly onto your lips. It’s truly a touch-and-go kind of thing. The colour does not stain the lips for hours on end, so you’ll definitely have to reapply after eating. But since it’s so easy to apply, doing it isn’t such a problem for me. Also, it helps when you have to remove your makeup at the end of the day.


Despite the fact that it’s scentless, fragrance is listed as an ingredient on the product site. Although this lip product isn’t marketed as having an SPF value, the fact that titanium dioxide exists in a high proportion suggests that it can work as a partial sunscreen for your lips when worn. It does not dry my lips out from a day of wearing it, which is a huge plus, especially for those of us who rely heavily on lip balms.


The only gripe I have? There aren’t enough shades! This range only currently has 10 shades, all of which are vibrant deviations of red, coral and just a couple of nudes. Call me greedy but you can’t really blame a girl who needs her options.


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