The Ultimate Skincare Routine (Night) for Oily and Sensitive Skin

by Roxanne C.


The Ultimate Skincare Routine (Night) for Oily and Sensitive Skin


We’ve all gotten advice for our skin woes, read articles online for tips to deal with skin sensitivity and even tried to come up with routines on our own that would solve our skin problems. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they just make things worse. Based on seasonal and hormonal changes, it can be quite the challenge to find something that works all year round.


If you’ve got oily and sensitive skin, you’re in luck. Today, I’m sharing with you my ultimate skincare routine for oily and sensitive skin, simply because that’s the kind of skin I have (with gaping pores too, no joke) and because it is way too difficult to find something that’s been as effective as what I have been using for the past couple of years. This routine – with specific products that I use – reduces breakouts, prevents whiteheads from forming and speeds up the clearing of blemishes.


Step 1: Remove makeup Using a Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and a Sonic Cleansing Tool.

Oil-based cleansing oils work wonders, if you haven’t tried them yet. I’ve stuck to the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for years and when the brand launched the Ultime8, I never looked back. Take 2 pumps of the cleansing oil and apply it all over your dry face. Then go all over your face for 1 minute with the Clarisonic Mia (video tutorial by Deb at Beauty Heaven here) to make sure you break down the gunk stuck in your pores, so that it can be removed easily in the next few steps.


Step 2: Emulsify the Cleansing Oil on Your Face.

Wet your hands under the tap and then wet your face until the cleansing oil turns milky.


Step 3: Rinse off the Cleansing Oil-Emulsion.

Wash everything off with lukewarm water. Water at room temperature works too but warmth usually makes dissolving things easier and more effective.


Step 4: Cleanse – Again!

Cleanse your skin again but this time, use a gentle gel cleanser. Foam cleansers are generally harsher to the skin and may cause sensitive skin to break out. I use the Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser and then wash it off with water.


Step 5: Dap Your Skin Dry.

Dabbing your skin dry with a towel is gentler than rubbing the water off. Your 40-year-old self will thank you for it years later.


Step 6: Apply Your Skincare Products.

Always start with your eye cream, followed by pimple or anti-blemish cream, and end it with a nighttime moisturiser. I currently use the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream, Dr. Wu Intensive Acnecur Spot Treatment with BHA (for my zits) and Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, in that order.


And that’s it! The double cleanse method, with the aid of an ultra sonic cleansing tool, completely eliminates the need for a toner. Remember to wash your Clarisonic brush head after every use. Of course, keeping a healthy complexion starts from within, so do lots of exercise, keep a positive mind and drink lots of water. If you haven’t found an activity you’d like to do on a regular basis, you might like to give Pilates a try.



Finally, if you’ll like to purchase everything I’ve mentioned in this post, here are some links that can take you there and start you on your journey to cleaner skin:

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// Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil at Selfriges

// Avene Extremely Gentle Gel Cleanser at Fragrance Net

// Clinique All About Eyes at Nordstrom

// Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief at Nordstrom

// Dr. Wu Intensive Acnecur Spot Treatment with BHA at Luxola


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Image credit: 9Lives