Review: The GlamPact by Glam-It!

by Roxanne C.


GlamPact Review

The all new GlamPact by Glam-It!


If you were a 90’s girl, you’d definitely have heard of Polly Pocket. I’m not sure if girls these days still get it for Christmas but back in the day, it was my favourite toy. And quite recently, the GlamPact by Glam-It! has taken me back to the times when I marvelled at the lights and moving ducklings in my old Polly Pocket.


The GlamPact was launched a few years ago in Hong Kong by beauty maven Jennifer Cheng, and it was only in the past few months that the compact had undergone a refreshing makeover. No longer black, the new GlamPact is now pretty in baby pink and has new individual makeup modules that you can select for your very own customisable GlamPact.


GlamPact Review

The GlamPact by Glam-It! has new makeup modules that you can choose for your very own compact.


If you head over to their website, you’ll see all the modules that you can pick. These modules are categorised in a way that allows your customised compact to be as comprehensive as possible. In this way, you can select product types that you don’t already own, such as a bronzer or concealor, and you’ll also have different product types in one compact.


These are the modules I picked for my own compact. In the top most layer:

  1. Glam-it! Superfection CC Blush – Cosmo Glow
  2. Glam-it! Superfection CC Contour & Bronzer Shading – Don’t Diet
  3. Glam-it! Superfection CC Glossy Top Coat – Glittery Glam
  4. Glam-it! Superfection CC Lip Color – Bubble Gum
  5. Glam-it! Superfection CC Lip Color – Snow White’s Apple


GlamPact Review

The blush, contour powder, lip shimmer and 2 lip colours.


In the middle layer:

  1. Glam-it! Superfection CC Highlighter – Spotlight
  2. Glam-it! Superfection CC Concealer – Disappearing Act
  3. Glam-it! Superfection CC Eye Shadow – Bambi Big Eyes (purple)
  4. Glam-it! Superfection CC Eye Shadow – Truffle (brown)
  5. Glam-it! Superfection CC Eye Shadow – Rich Girl (a cream dark purple shadow)
  6. Glam-it! Superfection CC Eye Shimmer – Gold Rush


GlamPact Review

The middle layer with the highlighter, concealor and eyeshadows.


In the bottom layer is a toolkit which comes with every GlamPact, and it includes:

  1. Double-sided Velvet Puff
  2. Multi-brush for Eyes & Brow
  3. Dual-Ended Eye Shadow Sponge
  4. Lip Brush
  5. Multi Brush for Face & Cheek


GlamPact Review

The toolkit from the bottommost layer.


The fun thing about the GlamPact is that you can mix and match the products in any way you like, even down to where they are placed in the compact. There is a small button above the mirror on the underside of the lid, which turns the lights on and off when pressed. I don’t know about you but this was the part that got me sold on this product.


All the modules in the GlamPact are vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free as well. If you’re one for the environment, this compact might be for you. Although the modules in the GlamPact aren’t super awesome, they are pretty decent at the very least.


The blush, contour powder and highlighter are pigmented; The lip colours don’t give me a bad reaction when I wear them; The powder eyeshadows are long-wearing. The cream shadow Rich Girl creases after a while along the eye crease, so I recommend adding a layer of powder eyeshadow to the area. The eye shimmer Gold Rush adds just about enough shimmer to brighten up your eyes, and looks really pretty under evening dinner lighting. It’s so, so romantic on an understated smoky eye.


The entire compact also comes with a USB cable to charge the lights with, and a black pouch for travelling. You can check out the GlamPact on and have fun mixing and matching modules while you’re at it. Each customised compact retails at HK$650, which is about S$114. It’s definitely worth the price, and makes for a really good gift to someone just starting out on the makeup world.


I think Polly Pocket has got herself some serious competition. The only thing that could top this is to have both brands collaborate and come up with a limited edition Polly Pocket GlamPact. Now that, could be better than chocolate.


Stay glam on the go,