Vietnam Tripping: Cruising in Crochet

by Roxanne C.


Vero Moda Crochet Dress

Vero Moda Crochet Dress


Vero Moda Crochet Dress


Vero Moda Crochet Dress


Vero Moda Crochet Dress


Dress: Vero Moda

Earrings: JL Heart

Photographer: Mr. Ratatouille


The best part about being on a cruise is that you’re far away from the crowds. What’s even better is when your ship only has a handful of people on board, so you feel like it’s peace on earth.


We had a fun time to ourselves on the deck of our cruise ship that day. Destination: Halong Bay, Vietnam. Time: Shortly after sunrise. Feeling: Relaxed.


Crochet is the texture of the season, it seems. And nothing can be classier than black. I’d bought this dress by chance while shopping in Shanghai earlier this year and fell in love with it the moment I tried it on. The stretchy fabric with the side splits allows breathing and moving space, while the crochet acts as a semi-veil after the hemline ends mid-thigh. It shows off your figure but also hides any cellulite you may have. Double win.


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The band around my wrist was a gift from one of the Hmong tribeswoman, who was one of our guides when we went trekking in Sapa. It isn’t exactly the most elegant thing you’d wear, but it does add some sense of adventure to the outfit and that’s what travelling is all about. If you’ve got any style questions, do leave me a comment at the end of this post. You can also follow me on Instagram (@lacedivory).


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