Confession: The Struggles of Being a Blogger (Part 1 of 2)

by Roxanne C.


Struggles of Being a Blogger

If only my desk were this perfect all the time.


OK I’ll admit it. Even before I typed the first word of this blog post, I actually Googled “struggles of being a blogger” to see what other bloggers in the rest of the world are struggling with. And it seems – after reading several articles and one particularly funny post filled with gifs on Buzzfeed – that bloggers do suffer from very similar things regardless of the genre of blogging.


I started blogging in 2010 because I loved writing (and makeup). Yes, I’m a chemist and I love to write. But I also cannot stand the emotive demands in literature (sorry folks), which seem way too tiring for me to catch up with. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Neil Gaiman every now and then, but asking me what the poetic devices used in a poem imply about language is alien speak to me. So, the only way for me to continue my love affair with words, other than the occasional trips to the bookstore, is to write. And what else to write about than my other passion in life – beauty?


There are many problems that bloggers face in their time as a blogger, and here are some of the biggest ones I faced or are facing as a style and beauty blogger in Singapore.


1. Buying a new product and not using it till photos are taken.

So I just bought a new lipstick in a new never-worn-before shade from Tom Ford. I’m dying to use it this weekend while cafe hopping, or during the next big day at work (to remind me that all that hard work is worth it). The only thing is, I can’t. Because before I even dare to apply one layer of it on my skin, I need to make sure I’ve taken all the best photos I can of it for my blog review and Instagram. Same goes for skincare products and clothes for outfit posts. Yup, no chances taken.


2. Finding a photographer.

We all know the golden hours to take shots outdoors are the one just after sunrise and the one just before sunset. Good luck trying to find someone who’s also available during those times to take that shot for you. Not only that, but that certain someone should preferably like photography as much as you like having a nice photo of you put out there for all to see. Thank God for boyfriends and Instagram husbands now, shall we?


3. How often to post.

I used to post an entry every other day of the week at the very least, even if it was a small Tip of the Day entry. That was back when I’d just graduated from university and had some extra time on my hands. However, with what little amount of time I have now, there is a need to strategise. We know that quality trumps quantity, but we also know that readers get bored easily and won’t come back if we only post once a month or so.


4. Coming up with blog content.

All writers suffer from the catastrophic writer’s block. It’s a period of time when suddenly, and for no good reason it seems, when nothing comes out of our brains. Nothing. Except maybe pictures of kittens and unicorns pooping rainbows. That’s why we have to sometimes rely on tools that help us churn out ideas that would make for a good read. That’s also why your favourite bloggers may seem to always be having such a fun time by the beach in a foreign land. We need that extra space to be creative and just be free – at least until the next blog post hits the stands.


5. Blog design.

Many bloggers are a one-man-show. We don’t have designers and consultants working for us, creating fancy designs that make you want to reload our page just so you can see all the different pictures we have in our header, or the perfect glitter effect popup asking you to subscribe. I’ve changed my blog design many times over the years, because either I got tired of it, or I just wanted something sleeker.


6. Finding our voice.

This is pretty close to the part about coming up with blog content. Finding a blogger’s voice is all about finding a way to write that connects with a target audience. Many bloggers fail here because of the simple reason of not knowing who their target audience is. In addition to that, bloggers evolve and grow as time passes, and their voice changes as well. Thus, finding one that has a core of familiarity and authenticity remains a large challenge, even for bloggers like me.


That’s it for now. Girl’s got errands to run, so watch out for the next update!


{The second part of this series is now up and running. You can read it here and leave me some comments!}


Love y’all,