Review: The ANIA Skincare Argan Oil That’s 100% Pure and Certified Organic

by Roxanne C.


ANIA Skincare Argan Oil

A great addition to your bathroom countertop.


If you’re addicted to body oils, chances are you’ve definitely heard of argan oil and its benefits. You might also know that argan oil is safe for pregnant women, children and babies. In fact, it’s recommended for pregnant women to help prevent the formation of stretch marks because it improves the elasticity of skin. To be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of body oils, especially when the first time I ever tried one gave me a case of eczema that’s never really gone away till now. Then again, it wasn’t a natural product – but I’m digressing.


I was invited to give the ANIA SKINCARE ARGAN OIL a try, and because the only ingredient in this product is 100% pure certified organic argan oil sourced directly from Morocco, I decided to give it a go. The product is placed in a translucent glass bottle, so you can see the contents inside it. It also comes with a dropper screw cap, which gives you better control over how much product to use each time.


ANIA Skincare Argan Oil

The ANIA Skincare Argan Oil with the dropper cap.


I tried this oil both on my face and body. As a face oil, two drops is an amount which is just nice – three drops is a bit too much for me but I suppose that could work for nighttime hydration if you sleep in an air conditioned room. All you need to do is just drop the oil onto your palm, spread it with the other palm and then pat it onto your skin, concentrating more on the drier areas. I have combination – oily skin, so I place this more on my cheeks, which are drier than the rest of my face. If you want to use it as part of your skincare regime, apply it after your moisturiser.


For the body, use as much as is needed. I tried this over the eczema patch on the side of my calf and found that it didn’t provide relief from the itch nor heal it, which was expected. But as a normal moisturiser, it doesn’t leave behind any oily feeling or sticky residue like how some oils do. It absorbs well into the skin within minutes and gives it a healthy sheen. You can smell argan oil when you place your nose close to the opened bottle, but this scent is quite faint when applied and spread on, and it disappears after a while.


I took a closer look at this product – and then at the JOSIE MARAN ARGAN OIL. And I found that they are very similar in terms of packaging and product. I can’t say about Josie Maran’s line (mostly because the following information can’t be found on their website), but ANIA Skincare is USDA certified organic and cruelty-free. A quick comparison of their prices also revealed the ANIA Skincare Argan Oil to be more affordable, and that’s with free domestic delivery within Singapore on their website as well.


ANIA Skincare Argan Oil

Certified organic and cruelty-free.


ANIA Skincare currently has 6 products in their range, including a MOROCCAN ROSE WATER that I also tried and liked, and a part of me can’t wait to see what other newer products they have up their sleeves.


Love the skin you’re in,