Wednesday Musing: Beauty Advice for My 18-Year-Old Self

by Roxanne C.


Beauty Advice for My 18-Year-Old Self


When you think of beauty, what exactly comes to mind? Is it having wide, doubly-lidded eyes and hairless shins? Is it having thin thighs and arms, and a flat tummy? Is it having a sharp nose, hair that perfectly frames the face and full brows?


Or perhaps, could it be the courage to stand out there on your own? Is it the twinkle in your mother’s eyes when you cook up a storm for her? Is it when you hold hours-old baby turtles in your hands? Or is it the ability to run for half an hour straight without feeling tired out by the end of it?


Beauty holds many definitions and there isn’t one that stands true for all of us. While most people see beauty as something tangible, it is, most of the time, not. Something beautiful doesn’t last forever, its transience is what makes it all the more precious. And when you think about life, which in itself is but short, then you will realise that there is beauty in everything and everyone – you just have to look for it.


Physical beauty and appearance is important, don’t get me wrong. It is what others judge you on, and when presented in the right way, it can give you an edge over others. But being physically presentable does not mean having to look like a goddamn Vogue model with bed hair everywhere you go. It means you look the part you are meant to be; it means you dress appropriately for the occasion. Sometimes, money may set you back but that’s life. Just make the most out of what you have and be thankful for it. Be patient, your time will come.


I know, you don’t like your nose. It looks like you don’t have one from the side. Maybe surgery will help but if you decide upon it, make sure nobody around you has to suffer for your selfish wishes. Debt is not nice, and it’s worse if you create it for others to settle.


What is beauty to you? If it’s having a good heart and an open mind, then blessed are those who will come to know you. But if it is a constant battle to always look better than others around you, then you will never truly be content – because there will always be someone who will look better than you. But strive, if you can, to look your best as far as possible. Self-respect, after all, is valuable and at times sadly understated.


Stay true to yourself. Trash your self-consciousness and self-doubts aside. You are free to be who you are, you are free to be happy. And happiness is beautiful.


Put on that mascara but don’t hide behind it. Experiment with different looks and styles but always do so such that others will respect you as a human being. By all means get your nails done with Swarovski but don’t break the bank getting a Gelish every other month.


Your heart will get broken. More than once. And sometimes, by people you never thought could ever disappoint you. But you’ll grow stronger with each experience, and strength is beauty in yet another form.


Be bold, be the you you’re supposed to be. Don’t get too caught up in the pursuit of beauty that you fail to see that of which is around you. Life is filled with beautiful moments, live them to the fullest.



Your future self