How to Effortlessly Channel Your Inner Dolce & Gabbana Wherever You Go

by Roxanne C.


Mixxo Korea White Dress

With them hot pink flip flops, because that’s how I roll.

Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


If I asked you to describe the Dolce & Gabbana style without searching for any of their pictures right now, what would you say? Perhaps it depends on the season, since after all the runway changes every 3 months, right? Not exactly.


Every brand has its signature look. It’s like how when you think of Chanel and tweed comes into mind. Or Burberry, and the classic English camel trench with its big buttons blows you away. The Dolce & Gabbana look is one that’s luxurious, bold and self-assuredly Italian. You may not hold all these qualities at the same time all the time, but there are definitely moments when you feel one or the other. And when you travel, no matter where you end up in, you can look and feel the same way.


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Busan Haeundae Beach


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Dress: Mixxo Korea

Shades: Tory Burch

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (available on Forzieri with free international shipping here)

Black Tassel Earrings: Random Korean shop

Matte lipstick: Tom Ford’s Black Dahlia (available on Nordstrom here)

Dark Blue Drusy Necklace: Trouvé

Watch: Fossil

Photographer: Monsieur Ratatouille


The Dolce & Gabbana look can be put together quite simply. All you need is a mix of black, red and gold. I wore this white dress to the beach during our trip to Busan (check out my travel blog entry on things to do in Busan here), and decided it needed some glamming up. The dress itself is gorgeous, due to the intricate designs and special flap around the torso. Therefore, there isn’t much else I needed to do to amp up the glam factor.


A black pair of shades and black leather sling bag instantly give you semi-celebrity status. Wearing a watch suggest you always have somewhere else to go to. The tassel earrings are a great stylish twist to an otherwise normal silhouette above the neckline, while a dark lipstick shows an inner bold character. When you add all of these together, you’ve got the winning formula. The best part is that a comfy dress can take you anywhere.


If you’re still not convinced that all you need is a proper mix of black, red and gold, you should check out this first hijab and abaya collection from Dolce & Gabbana that’s making waves in the Middle East.


Be the glamourous you,