How Pokemons Are Actually Us – Pokemon Beauty Woes

by Roxanne C.


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So recently, PokemonGo is the one thing nobody can stop talking about – or playing. While some of us have quit Facebook to get away from the madness, the majority of us just want to catch them all.


As I was playing PokemonGo in bed – I can reach about two Pokestops from there – I realised just how much we resemble one another. I mean, just take a look at these.


1. When you’ve got your lip liner drawn on perfectly, Kylie-style:

Bellsprout Pokemon


2. When you’ve just got your hair makeover (can’t touch this):

Oddish Pokemon


3. When Sephora announces they’re having a new product launch:

Haunter Pokemon


4. When you say, “I need to save money,” but spend $200 at the beauty store:

Psyduck Pokemon


5. When you’re lining up to get that new lip kit:

Gastly Pokemon


6. When someone else gets the last eyeshadow palette just before you:

Magikarp Pokemon


7. When bae tells you to hurry up when you’re doing your makeup:

Raticate Pokemon


8. When someone else has screwed up her makeup – just like you:

Grimer Pokemon


9. When your compact drops and shatters:

Exeggcute Pokemon


10. When all you want to do is stay in bed all day:

Metapod Pokemon


11. When it’s the day before pay day and you’re walking through Sephora like:

Tentacool Pokemon


12. When your romantic makeup look is on fleek:

Goldeen Pokemon


13. When you’ve applied your eyeliner perfectly:

Eevee Pokemon


14. When you feel hot as ever but still need to get some exercise done:

Charmander Pokemon


15. When your all of your makeup is perfect and you can’t risk touching it:

Starmie Pokemon


16. When you’re too lazy to draw your brows:

Slowpoke Pokemon


17. When you’re trying to get bae to buy you something from DFS:

Poliwag Pokemon


18. When he/she agrees:

Horsea Pokemon


19. When you wake up in the morning after getting dead drunk all night:

Tangela Pokemon


20. When you’re all dressed up and feel like unicorn royalty:

Seaking Pokemon


21. When bae didn’t notice you cut your hair:

Geodude Pokemon


22. When you’ve yet to get your morning coffee:

Pinsir Pokemon


23. When your mascara runs out and you hope nobody notices:

Kabuto Pokemon


That’s all the funny Pokemons I’ve caught so far. As you might be able to tell, I haven’t really been active in catching or evolving them. They are still cute to collect though. Anyhow, if you haven’t, do follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. I mean, I did catch a real-life squirtle after all.


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Go catch them all,