Thoughts on the Chanel SS 2017 Runway Show from a Fashion Nobody

by Roxanne C.


Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout

Some of my favourite pieces from the Chanel SS 2017 Collection.


Watching the Chanel SS 2017 runway from home on my iMac was quite a treat. So glad that Chanel made their runway show live on Facebook for everyone who was interested to watch – and in hi-def too! You can watch the entire show on the Chanel website here.


Overall, this collection is obviously inspired by the common notions of technology, what with the flashy colours of some of the pieces, which I didn’t really like. And in case you were wondering, here were my thoughts on the entire show, which I had typed out while watching it live. Ah, the memories to be re-lived.


Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout



  1. Oooh, wires. Those helmets and shades remind me of Daft Punk. Was that his – Karl’s inspiration?
  2. Fluffy curly hair – not so cool but I guess that’s what avant garde’s all about.
  3. Hmm, caps and long skirts.
  4. I love the pink, rosy makeup on the cheeks!
  5. Is that Usher? Does he wear tweed coats?
  6. How does one man come up with such endless designs on the tweed jacket season after season?
  7. I spy with my magpie eye, chunky accessories. I wonder if those earrings are heavy.
  8. Is that Anna Wintour? Why hasn’t she responded to the Vogue-vs.-bloggers saga?
  9. Thank GOD Karl put his models on flats! #modelsdeservebetter
  10. That’s a cute robot bag but I’m not buying it. My next Chanel bag has to be a tweed one with silver hardware.
  11. Baby pink and light grey tweed always go together and always look so classy. Will make that one of my future ensembles.
  12. Big shades, caps and tweed. I like.
  13. All the models are so gorgeous!
  14. Grace Coddington seems to be the only one taking serious notes about the clothes.
  15. Gasp! Raspberry!
  16. Not digging the neon lights ones. And not the ones with flashes of colour too. Reminds me of Times Square at night.
  17. How do the models continue to walk at that pace when the music has changed to one with such a slow tempo?
  18. Oooh, blush patterned stockings!
  19. Did you know they speed powder the models’ faces right before they go on the runway? I didn’t but now I do. Must be so exciting.
  20. I’m loving those lace skirts.
  21. That all-pink ensemble is so pretty!
  22. That striped one too! And the pink one with the nude tweed jacket!
  23. Actually I’m loving all the pieces that are out on the runway right now. Is Karl saving his best for the last (now that we’re coming to the end of the show)?
  24. Oh my goodness, that white/grey/ivory vest with the squares with nude perimeters! I’ll need to do another take of that.
  25. This music is quite soothing. I need a copy of this playlist for when I’m blogging next week.
  26. The final showdown. The models are colour coordinated according to what they wear.
  27. Karl looks the same as always.
  28. The end. What a great show!


Am now contemplating doing this for some of the other shows at Paris Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week. Watching these live is so exciting, I don’t even need coffee. What do you think of this collection?


Electrify away,


Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout  Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout