Thursday Treat: Alexis on Feeling Confident Even When Wearing Minimal Makeup

by Roxanne C.

Alexis Cheong on The Skinny Scout

{Alexis is a longtime friend of mine, so long in fact, that we’ve known each other for 20 years and are best friends. She recently completed a year-long trip all over the world and is the epitome of someone living life to the fullest. Although more of a food blogger (she blogs at, for someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, she does have beauty advice to share as well.}


“Appearances aside though, my confidence really stems from having awesome friends that I can be myself with.”


TSS: You’ve been travelling a lot lately, visiting different continents and crossing different time zones. How do you ensure your skin stays healthy when exposed to such frequent sudden changes in climate?

A: I do the three essential things when I travel. First, I ensure I cleanse my skin properly with a gentle skin cleanser since I am always on the road. I also moisturise on a daily basis and most importantly, apply sunscreen! I overestimated how strong the sun can be overseas especially when it doesn’t seem that sunny outside, so there are quite a few times when I came back being a couple of shades darker. Other things include trying to get enough sleep and drinking sufficient water.


TSS: You’re not someone who wears much makeup, but I’m sure there is one beauty product you cannot do without. What would that be?

A: That will be my Orbis =U White Day Moisture oil-free SPF whitening moisturiser. It is my holy grail because it combines both moisturiser and SPF in a lightweight and non-greasy formula and helps to lighten my skin at the same time.


TSS: How would you encourage girls and women out there to feel more confident of themselves, especially if they don’t like wearing makeup?

A: My beauty goal has always been to be able to wake up and go without having to wear makeup and still be confident that I look good. Therefore I try to ensure that the basics are there – having healthy skin is probably the most important! Eyebrow embroidery for me also made a huge difference. Lastly I find having well-moisturised lips just with some tinted SPF lip balm will also make you feel better. Appearances aside though, my confidence really stems from having awesome friends that I can be myself with.


TSS: Tell us about a beauty fail you’ve experienced.

A: When I came back from Europe my face is actually quite a few shades darker but I continued to use my concealer without thinking of the mismatch – until I saw flash photos of myself in a club with reverse panda eyes! I changed my concealer the next day.


TSS: Any other parting words of wisdom?

A: I actually bought a lot of makeup when I was younger and now feel that I wasted so much money on them. If I were to meet my younger self today, I would advise her to just stick to a few high quality items, like investing in the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and focusing on things that work for her, such as a good lipstick and eyeliner (by doing a bit of research/asking for recommendations).