Travel in Luxury: The Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set

by Roxanne C.
Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set

It’s the first Monday of my work year and I’m already feeling so pampered. I received this parcel all the way from the US before I had left for France in December, and only managed to open this baby when I got back to Singapore some days ago.


And what a way to start the week! There’s nothing like a good morning workout at the gym, followed by a hearty breakfast and warm, happy sunlight to make the day seem right. This MARC JACOBS YOUR PLACE OR MINE BRUSH SET makes everything even better, turning 2017 into something already positive (and now I’m looking forward to everything else that is to come).


Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set


The travel brush set contains 5 brushes in a luxurious jewel-toned emerald green patent pouch, made from vegan leather and feels slightly cushiony to the touch. That black-and-gold tassel finishes the entire look really nicely, so much so that I feel like I should incorporate tassels into one of TrouvĂ©e.Co‘s collections in the near future.


Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set


The brushes are, from left to right in the picture above:

  • Face Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Eyeshadow Crease Brush
  • Eyeliner Brush


While I’m not entirely sure I’ll end up using the foundation brush (since I already have a Beauty Blender for that, and a more recent beauty sponge from Kiko Milano), I know I can’t miss the rest of the collection. As I normally use a Kabuki brush to apply my compact foundation, the Face Brush will work perfectly for any finishing powder or blush. I do own several eyeshadow brushes but the one in this collection is travel sized, so it takes up less space.


I love how each brush has its own holder in the pouch, so it stays in place no matter how the pouch is thrown about (you know how they are at baggage control). There is even enough space for a small palette or two, depending on what you usually bring along when you travel.


As this set is limited edition, you should definitely give it a go if you’re looking for a travel brush set with these brushes that you may need. The pouch feels like a book when held and the brushes are made with super-soft synthetic bristles. Even if Christmas is over – and I’m talking about gifting here, there is always someone’s birthday or Valentine’s Day.


Heck, maybe even just your normal shopping day.


I love fluffy brushes,



Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set Marc Jacobs Your Place or Mine Brush Set