Your Must-Have Travel Fragrance Worth Every Dollar: Adopt’

by Roxanne C.
Adopt' Parfums

Let me tell you a secret: I am bad at math. Like, really, really bad at it. When I try to separate my kids (the ones that I used to teach at college) into groups, there is always at least one who ends up being left out. And when stores tell me something about a discount, I never really know how much I’m saving.


Like when the salesgirl at Adopt’ told me I’d get a discount off the 6,95€ fragrance bottles if I bought 4 bottles and an extra box packaging. Luckily I’ve got sales receipts to count on.


Because the name’s in French and ends with an apostrophe, I’m not sure if it’s pronounced as “adopt” or “ah-doh-teh.” But whatever the case, this brand has got tons of fragrances! And they each come in various sizes – 10ml, 30ml and 100ml to be exact. Although most of them are meant for ladies (there are a few for les hommes as well), some of the scents I discovered seemed gender-neutral enough to also be worn on guys.


I picked 4 scents that day at the store: Thé Blanc, Flower Girl, Patchouly Vanille and L’Eau Virile. Never mind that the names on the bottles aren’t all uniformly printed with the first letter of each word capitalised (Or is it that only the first letter of the first word should be capitalised?). I suppose if you were OCD enough, you might want to drop them a feedback. But then again, the French generally don’t obsess over minute details like that.


In any case, the scents are quite decent, smell like what you’d expect them to and do last for a few hours.


Adopt' Parfums on The Skinny Scout


I love how the fragrances all come in good varying sizes (the tiniest bottle is a roll-on), so I’m not forced into buying something that will turn bad before I can finish it. The 30ml bottle is perfect for travel. Although it wouldn’t fit in your carry-on baggage, it would still be much lighter than a normal-sized fragrance. That means, hooray, more space for a new Zara blouse!


These mini bottles also make for a cute travel souvenir, especially as they’re all made in France. If you like, you can check out the entire range on the Adopt’ website (in French). Otherwise, do drop by any one of their stores when you’re in France next time.


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Adopt Parfums

Adopt Parfums