5 Mid-Range, Affordable Paris Hotels with the Best Vanity Mirrors

by Roxanne C.
Hotel Trinite Haussmann on The Skinny Scout

In my search for the perfect Parisian hotel this coming summer – and what a tedious search it was – I came across so many beautiful accommodation options that it was so hard to pick just one. Thank goodness I have a budget because otherwise I might end up at Le Royal Monceau.


Whenever I look for accommodations, I always need something that has:

  1. a clean, decent bathroom with a decent mirror for applying makeup
  2. enough space to move around
  3. the bed not being squashed in a corner
  4. a window (you’d be surprised)


Sometimes, I can make do with a smaller room but the most important thing I need is always a decent bathroom. No way will I risk getting a UTI if I can help it. If it has rusted fittings or mould growing on mats, or even stains on bedsheets that cannot be washed off, it ends up in the no-go list.


I decided to make a list of the top 5 affordable hotels in Paris with the best vanity mirrors, because every girl needs one to do her makeup and hair before stepping out. What good are photos of Paris if your eyeliner is uneven in them?


1. Le Panache

La Panache Paris on The Skinny Scout


White tiles, sunlight and big mirrors in the bathroom. You can also soak in the mini tub after a long day of walking. Bring your bath bombs or bath oils!


2. Hotel Providence

Hotel Providence Paris on The Skinny Scout


One of the latest boutique hotels that’s popped up in Paris. I love love love the vibes in here and if you can afford the suite, you must spend time in that gorgeous bathtub! The vanity mirrors in here aren’t as fantastic as the others in this list but the mood while prettying yourself up definitely takes the cake.


3. Hotel R de Paris

Hotel R de Paris on The Skinny Scout

If the large mirrors in the bathroom aren’t enough, the marble fireplace vanity dresser in the deluxe rooms will make you forget to exhale. Plus, the toiletries here are from Hermès. In-room full-length mirror? Check.


4. Hotel Trinité Haussmann

Hotel Trinite Haussmann on The Skinny Scout

Very feminine, chic and glamorous. I love the grey and white interiors, plus the oval mirror over the bed just brightens everything up (let’s ignore fengshui for a moment here). I feel pampered already just by looking at this. Their bathrooms, although very small and narrow, are gorgeous with the marble-looking tiles all over.


5. Le Grand Pigalle

Le Grand Pigalle Paris on The Skinny Scout

Another one of my favourite boutique hotels is Le Grand Pigalle. Look at the bathroom tiles and cute light bulbs beside the bathroom mirror! The bathroom is quite small but the interior design more than makes up for it. Would definitely recommend this hotel, although I’m not staying here for this trip. Perhaps my next one!


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I hope you found this list useful. And if you’re going to Paris, perhaps I will see you there in the summer!


J’ai hâte,



Image credits: Le Panache – Hotel Panache, Hotel Providence – Atelier Doreé, Hotel R de Paris – Tripadvisor, Hotel Trinité Haussmann – Trinité Haussmann, Le Grand Pigalle – Tlnique & Booking.com


Le Grand Pigalle Paris Flatlay on The Skinny Scout

Hotel Providence Paris Tub on The Skinny Scout