Current Fragrance: The Dior Blooming Bouquet

by Roxanne C.
Dior Blooming Bouquet via The Skinny Scout

The thing about Paris is that I associate it with everything pastel, pink, pretty and girly. Oh, and Natalie Portman, of course.


I don’t remember the last time I passed by the duty free section in transit and bought something other than alcohol for those back home. So this time, with my trip to France being completely free from shopping (even I can’t believe it), I decided I needed to update my fragrance corner.


I’d been wearing a couple of fragrances from sample vials and just really loved the DIOR BLOOMING BOUQUET. The scent is so me – it’s not overtly floral and sweet, not too musky, but a light balance between the two. It uplifts me, and reminds me of all the happy times in France. More importantly, it gives me hope that my future will have the same happy moments.


The packaging is so pretty, the pink in the perfume is irresistible. And if you own this fragrance, you’ll quietly revel in the secret houndstooth engraving on the bottom of the glass bottle. Très chic!


I wear this almost every day now, and love how lightly-scented it is. Girls, if strong, sweet scents revolt you, this is a perfect alternative. Plus, it looks so dainty beside my bed. My bottle is the smaller version but when it runs out, you bet I’m restocking on the big-sized one.





Dior Blooming Bouquet via The Skinny Scout