Are Malaysia’s Property a Worthy Investment? (Ad)

by Roxanne C.
Brunch Conversations with The Skinny Scout Roxanne Chia Property Agent

A friend recently told me his dream about owning a home in Singapore, and then owning two more homes overseas, one of which might be in London. The more he spoke to me about how someone he knows already lives this dream, the more it felt possible that I could do it too. How nice would it be, to have properties that can fetch you a rental income every month, without you having to fork out additional cash, so that you can enjoy life without having to work a day more?


If properties in Singapore really are too expensive for you, why wouldn’t you consider elsewhere, like Bangkok, Bali, Kuala Lumpur or Sihanoukville? Truth be told, I am entering the investing world a little too late but I guess better late than never.


If you are looking outside of Singapore, you might want to look north. iProperty is holding a Malaysia Home and Investment Expo 2018 later on in the month to help educate potential investors on the Malaysia property market.


Event details

Venue: Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Level 2

Date: 23 & 24 June 2018

Time: 11am – 8pm


Cool prizes

  • 500 pre-registrants will stand to win a limited edition iProperty pillow (pre-register here now).
  • Visitors can win shopping vouchers and goodie bags.
  • Win home appliances worth up to $10,000 in lucky draws – prizes include PS4, Samsung Sound Bar, Air Fryer, Apple TV and more


Yes, yes, prizes are fun. But honestly, prizes never attract me to any event, which is why I generally avoid big-scale promotional events. I’m always looking out for what I can learn instead, so if there are experts who can give a panel on relevant issues, chances are I’ll turn up (some events I’ve attended and spoken at in the past include Tech in Asia, WordCamp and the Alibaba Global Course).


For this expo, you’ll get to hear from field experts such as CEO and Co-Founder of SkyBridge International Sdn Bhd, and author of “Grow Rich Through Responsible Leveraging,” Adrian Un, speak about the rise of Malaysia properties. Ho Chin Soon, Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research will also speak about “KL & JB Hotspots: Past, Present & Future?”


You don’t need to be there for all the seminars. Check out what’s running over the weekend and sign up for the ones you’re interested in here.


I always believe that every thing you do needs to be done with a purpose. Even brunch at a local cafe serves a purpose – so that you get a change of work environment to increase productivity.


I hope you get some useful insights out of this expo, and that you’ll gain a clearer picture of what the property market trends in Malaysia are like. And if you ever need any more advice, feel free to reach out to me!


Don’t stop learning,