Unboxing: Teether & Nordic Weighted Pillow

by Roxanne C.
Nordic Weighted Pillow and Little Bearnie Teether


My baby girl has started to show the first signs of teething – blowing bubbles/raspberries, being more cranky and even slight grinding during sleep. So obviously I also started looking for teething toys and came across Little Bearnie.

It took my sister and I some time to select some of the designs we liked best before I finally picked one and bought it.


The weighted pillow was a long time coming. I’d always thought of getting her one of these, and finally found one that had a case design that didn’t look like it belonged in the 80’s (i.e. not tacky).


I couldn’t wait to share my unboxing experience with you so that she could start using them. As of today, she’s been using the pillow for the past few days/nights and I find she’s sleeping better with it (easier to put her down, falls asleep faster). I haven’t had a chance to use it before giving it to her but it seems to work fine.

As for the Little Bearnie teether, sometimes she goes at it, sometimes she rejects it. I have to remember she’s only 2 months old and can’t hold it herself yet.

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