Our Home Decor Project Begins

by Roxanne C.
Green plant for home decor project

I just realised we haven’t exactly announced it here, but Xav and I became home owners last year. Although our home won’t be ready by about the end of 2023, we’re super excited about it!

In my blog posts on my realty page, I talked about why we picked the apartment that we did. In Singapore, private housing is extremely expensive. With our constraints, there are some things we’ll need to compromise on.

We have no storage room, or a yard. Our apartment comes with 3 full bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and dining area and a decent-sized balcony. With our family size, we need the 3 bedrooms to remain as bedrooms, so we can’t convert any one into a study or special storage room. Because we love the outdoors, we intend to use our balcony for al fresco dining and as an area for relaxation.

Since we have no experience with home decor, and all the apartments we’ve lived in were/are rented, we decided to set up a Pinterest board for inspiration. Here are some pins!


Something modern and simple. I’d love to have plants, especially those with big leaves like the tropical Bird of Paradise. I think having these plants on our balcony at the side to shield us from the sun would be perfect! As we need storage space, our balcony seats can double up as outdoor storage areas (as seen in the collage above). I love darkened kitchen cabinets because they add a certain sophistication to the area, and we have a strong relationship with food.

We’ll keep the home decor ideas flowing, and I’ll update the blog as we go along. Come for the ride! We’ll be 3 years in the making.