BLOGMAS 2020: What I Love about Christmas

by Roxanne C.
Blogmas 2020 Day 3 of 12 Love about Christmas

I’ve just got off the GoJek ride where I had a nice conversation with my driver about having kids. While I usually like quiet rides, it was nice today to know that somewhere out there is a dad (with two kids aged 7 and 10) who understands how disruptive it is to our careers and lives for women to have kids. It’s also reassuring to know that one day, once Xav and I done having kids, I will have my life back.

So while we’re at it, I’m going to enjoy the present moment. So where were we?

Ah yes, Blogmas!

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favourite time of the year? It is – which makes the whole of December my favourite month of the year. But it’s also partly because I get to do tons of shopping and won’t feel guilty about it, even when a huge part of it isn’t for myself.

December, when it gets closer to Christmas, is when everything slows down. The weather is more mellow – in Singapore there is less heat all the time, and in France the cold just makes people slower. When there is snow, it’s even better because now you have to go slow. Everyone’s in a nice holiday mood, decorations (twinkly lights and jingle bells!) are so heartwarming and the spirit of gifting wafts in the air.

Even shops change strategies and tell you to buy something for someone else instead of telling you how awesome their products will be for you. And who can forget about the pretty, limited edition packaging and product lines?

I also love luxury shopping at the end of the year. Every year, I make it a point to get myself something nice (and duty-free). For many years, it has always been a bag, or shoes, or a small leather item. This year, since we’ll be stuck in Singapore and I don’t really have anything in mind, I bought myself a Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile De Rose Advanced Serum (30ml via Selfridges). Yes, it is friggin’ expensive. And yes, it is also the most expensive skincare item I have ever owned.

But will I regret it? No because I’ve tried my hands on a sample of it and it works like magic. And buying it from Selfridges or Harrods means I get it way cheaper than if I’d bought it from a store in Singapore.

Did I already talk about snow? What about ski resorts? I love ski resorts. Even if I don’t get to ski – haven’t done that in quite a while – it’s high up in the mountains and you’re surrounded by cheerful, sporty people all looking to just have a good time. When you want some quiet, nothing beats sitting by the fireplace with sunlight coming in via the floor-to-ceiling windows and having family and hot cocoa/coffee for company.

And who can forget about the food? If there is one thing that always comes with Christmas, it has to be the seasonal feasting and the carb-filled Alps pasta-potatoes-cheese dishes. Bring on the gratin! The raclette! The homemade ravioli! The tartiflette! O mon dieu! Tout est BON!

Hmm, I’m thinking about the “patachon” I had in a random Christmas market in Lyon once. I got super excited about having tried a new finger food but was told later on that it wasn’t a traditional dish. Anyhow, I am tempted to re-create something similar this year.

Although Christmas this year is going to be very different, I’m pretty sure it will still be amazing. What about you? What do you love about Christmas?