Blogmas 2020: Dear Santa

by Roxanne C.
Blogmas 2020 Day 10 of 12 Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I wish we were in France while I’m writing this but this year has been full of surprises at every turn. So, I’m writing to you in our new apartment in an area where we never thought we’d be living in, still in Singapore.

I’m sure you already know that I’ve been super good this year. Not only that, but I must have proven myself three times over that I deserve everything I wish for this Christmas. So here are just a few things I would love to see under my tree:

  • Gucci Poudre de Beaute Eclat Soleil Powder in Shade 03 Medium
  • Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel in Blush Pink
  • A blush leather pouch for my makeup on the go
  • A pair of stylish oven mittens
  • A Montessori learning tower for Aurélie
  • A proper swim suit for Aurélie
  • A post-natal Pilates package

I’m actually thinking of getting the learning tower on my own, if it’s too big for your sleigh. It would be really nice to have Aurélie participate in meal-making – she’s completely entranced by Chef Kobe (and honestly, so am I).

I do have some wishes for the coming year, if you do grant these. To have Trouvée.Co grow into something substantial would be awesome. It would be amazing to have a smooth delivery come February, and to have a healthy baby pop out of me. I hope people would still take health issues seriously and not be lax about spreading their own germs even when Covid is under control or over. More importantly, I wish for happiness, good health and abundance for our family and those around us.

I don’t really ask for much, usually. So, my lists here are pretty short.

I’ll be resting quite a bit in bed in the coming weeks to prepare for the birth of our baby, and hopefully we’ll have a name before he’s out. He’s really a kicker though, and can punch his way around for an hour or more. Maybe when he grows up he will be an athlete of sorts.

I look forward to Christmas, even if I won’t get to see you. You’re always somehow at the back of my mind regardless of whether we’re singing carols with Aurélie at bedtime or wrapping presents for the ones we love. So yes, dear Santa, this letter is very much meant for you.

Merry Christmas.