i have news to share!

    so i went down to lee hwa at amk hub yesterday on my way home, wanting to just browse through their destinee collection of pendants… but i ended up buying one! i actually still can’t believe that i did, judging from the fact that it cost a little more than $800, including the chain.

    the one i got is from their destinee trilogy collection. a series of three diamonds, one on top of the other. pretty pretty! and it’s a classic and simple design, and won’t go out of style. i can wear it all the time and with anything i have on! so i’m quite happy!

    i have yet to collect the pendant though. collection’s in a month’s time. i’ll get my ags certificate, a microscope thingy (you know, the kind in jewellery shops that let you look at the diamonds up-close and magnified) and a membership card when i go down to the branch on the 28th of feb. a little after cny and valentine’s but whatever. yeah i admit it’s a bit anti-climatic.

    so. i think the people at the amk hub branch can recognise me because i always send my purple gold ring there for polishing. life-time free polishing, of course i make use of it! they have this service for ther destinee range too! and actually, i don’t know what exactly the membership card is for. probably discounts in future and stuff like that. but oh well. i have a membership card from a jeweller’s! awesome! it’s like being on lv’s mailing list. lol!

    anyway, i got 20% off for my purchase, plus an additional $100 off for the whole thing. currently, there is a 10% – 20% off their destinee range, depending on what you get, and if you’re a member of lee hwa or if you have a uob credit card, you get another 10% off. and when you buy more than $500 worth of stuff, you’ll get another $100 off for your next purchase. i think my pendant was about $600 plus after taking off 20%, and my chain was about $100 plus after reducing $100. i don’t know if it’s a good deal because it seems to me that lee hwa kinda has sales all year long??? so maybe it’s just a marketing ploy.

    the service there was very good, as usual. they are not pushy with their sales and they give good advice too. like when i wanted to get the chain, the salesgirl helped me to pick one that went well with my pendant and also not pick at the hair. you know the kind? it gets annoying when your hair gets stuck in between the chain joints. and i was served hot tea too. oh oh, and when i had a hard time deciding between two pendants, the salesgirl put them both on the chain for me to compare. omg. they look so awesome together on me! hahahaha! i recommend this jeweller because i love their destinee diamonds and service, as well as their after-care services.

    omg. i still can’t believe it. hee hee hee! i didn’t expect to get one yesterday actually. i’d only wanted to take a look and see which one, if any, caught my eye. i can’t wait to collect it! i’d also actually wanted to try on the solitaire ring, just for fun. but i forgot to ask! sigh. never mind, i’ll ask when i go there again. i love diamonds! =)

    by the way, i don’t really know the specs of the diamonds i bought ok? i only know that the colour is like the best or almost best quality. other than that i have no idea. wait till i get the cert.

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