dolce and gabbana

    online window shopping

    by Roxanne C.

    charms de monogram yellow gold heart locket from louis vuitton.

    carriage charm from juicy couture.

    teapot charm from juicy couture.

    teacup charm from juicy couture.

    heart charm from juicy couture.

    elastic hairband from juicy couture.

    body sorbet from juicy couture – what i’d put in my bathroom just because it looks so pretty.

    ski bunny pink pearl charm bracelet from betsy johnson.

    crystal and blue topaz earrings by asha by adm.

    gloves with lace by dolce and gabbana.

    gold jewelled crown ring by carlos souza.

    cashmere scarf with embroidery and lace detail from javani.

    18k gold-plated filigree cuff from isharya.

    mini pendant with amethyst from monica vinader.

    vanilla skies parasol from

    dot dot dot pearl stretch bracelet with polka dot heart (tan/black) from betsy johnson.

    i’m all about packaging. i’m the kind of girl who buys something just because it looks nice or just because the colour and design would go so well with what i’m planning to put it together with. never mind if it doesn’t work as well. stuff that are really hard duty don’t often look as good anyway and when they last for ages at a pop, it’s no fun because you can’t shop!

    anyway are angelina and brad splitting up? please say yes. hollywood is getting boring (tiger does not count because he belongs in the grasslands).

    and, today is my birthday! i turn 24! actually i don’t feel any different. i’ve still not quite gotten over the 22 part yet. haha! i think people don’t ask me my age enough for me to feel it, you know? i haven’t said, “i’m 23,” to people often enough that a part of me still lives in the 22-yr-old of me. i think i’d better start because if i don’t and i suddenly find myself at 35, i will stop breathing for a day.

    i’ve also found out to my dismay that google translate is suddenly banned at my workplace. i need to translate received emails in french for my master application! gah!

    omg. sudden horror pang. spider veins. cellulite. freckles. wrinkled knees. stretch marks. *gasp*

    all the juicy couture stuff over at juicy couture while the louis vuitton locket and everything else found at polyvore.

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