foot miracle therapeutic cream

    I just bought Straight Arrow’s Foot Miracle Therapeutic Cream from an online spree (yes, spree again). Can’t wait to get it. I don’t know if they sell it in Singapore but I’m also too lazy to check out the pharmacies here. I noticed my heels were getting really dry and all and my mum’s words of advice about moisturising came into my mind several times. I even slept with socks on at night to keep my cocoa butter moisturiser on my skin but it didn’t seem to help much. So I guess I can’t really be blamed for getting this from the spree.


    As to whether this will work on me, I sure hope so due to all the rave reviews online. I’ll definitely do a review on this cream once I start using it for a while. Alright, am heading out to town soon. Gotta prep!

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