FOTD: Fringe Woes

    by Roxanne C.

    I have always been wondering whether to cut my fringe short or grow it out and keep it long. And now, it’s at the stage where I should trim it if I want it short or clip it up if I want it long. Also, it’s kind of giving me a lazy right eye so I need to make a decision quick!

    I think I generally look nicer with a side fringe but it’s been years since I had no fringe and I’ve forgotten how I looked then. A short fringe makes me look younger but people treat me with more respect when I don’t have a fringe (maybe because I look more mature). Also, a long fringe means I don’t need to trim it every now and then. But I like looking young!

    What do you think? Also, can you guess the makeup I used for this FOTD?

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