Guerlain Super Aqua


    Somewhere over the rainbow


    The one big reason I love travelling overseas is the vast amount of blue I get to see when I’m somewhere far from home. The vast, cloudless sky and the calm endless ocean. This concept of space, of freedom. It’s when the rains end and the clouds they came from part ways. All that blue, so much of it and yet so rare.


    Why not bring some of it home?


    Fans of Guerlain‘s skincare range surely have heard of the brand’s Aquacomplex in the iconic Super Aqua-Serum. It’s a unique combination of plant and biotechnological ingredients that has proven to moisturise skin, and which Guerlain has now incorporated into three new skincare products under the Super Aqua-Crème range!


    The range consists of three products, the Day Gel, Day Cream and Night Balm.


    Guerlain Superaqua

    The iconic Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum.


    Guerlain Superaqua

    The Guerlain Super Aqua-Crème Day Cream and Night Balm.


    The difference between the Day Cream and the Day Gel is that the former is meant for dry to normal skin, whereas the latter is meant for normal and combination skin. Both serve to protect the skin against aggressors such as pollutants and stress. The Night Balm, which contains antioxidants, serves to restore the skin while you snooze away.


    Oh but wait. That’s not all. Check out the brand’s new BB Cream!


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