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    Accessories are at the top of the list for the hottest fashion trends this year. The good news is that this year’s fads allow you to utilize your basic wardrobe and jazz it up with the latest chic fashion accessories. The following are the top five sizzling trends for the coming season:


    1) Stylish Head Scarves and Wraps

    The person willing to experiment and stand out from a crowd will love the hottest trend that’s making a comeback. Stylish Head Scarves are the latest fashion fad being revived from the 1930s, 1960s and 1970s. The 1930s style is a take on the Rosie the Riveter iconography and implies that the woman is feminine, yet tough. The 1960s headscarf is folded into a triangle and ties underneath the chin. This glamorous look was donned by screen stars like Audrey Hepburn. The mod hippie type of look is borrowed from the 1970s. The head wraps come in a variety of colors, fabrics and can be tied in an array of flattering chic styles.


    2) The Doctor’s Bag

    The doctor’s bag used to be a workingman’s asset. This year, the latest woman’s arm-luxury is the doctor bag. It’s elegant, chic and functional, and is an accessory worth investing in. This oversized, box-shaped bag can hold a variety of items such as toiletries, technological devices and a daily planner. The doctor’s bag has been placed on the frontline of runway fashion this season.


    3) Sunglasses

    The latest sunglass trends for this season include something for everyone. Styles can include everything from traditional to the classic look. Cat eye glasses have been in style for quite a few seasons and will continue to remain hot. Sunglasses in quirky shapes will be popular amongst designers this season. Expect to see heart, oval and diamond shape eyewear. Contract sunglasses will also be quite the rage this season. It’s a dynamic look when the lens and frame comes in different and contrasting colors.


    4) Wristbands

    The wristband is another hot fashion trend this season. Wristbands were made popular to help bring in money for charities and fundraisers. They come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes, and are made out of silicone or plastic. This chic fashion fad isn’t just popular with children and teenagers. Wristbands are a hit with adults and made to be worn to match any outfit.


    5) Lanyards

    Lanyards are a hot fashion accessory with functionality and style. They are the perfect choice for carrying ID card holders, or by handing around your neck. They can also be used as key holders, key chains or attached to a purse. Beaded lanyards are quite popular this season with students and professionals.


    Melissa is a young but fearsome lady with painfully good sense of fashion and fashion streams. She writes for her own blog covering various fashion, health, beauty topics and everything that can make you prettier and healthier. She is currently interested in various fashion accessories like bags, scarves and wraps, wristbands, lanyards and more.


    Image credits: Piero Tucci

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