I am on holiday! And what better way to start it by waking up later than usual and cooking up a hearty, healthy meal? Luckily for me, my sister is on holiday too so we were able to cook for two instead of me having to spend an hour making food that’s all-only-for-me. I sautéed some potato cubes with canola olive oil and scrambled some eggs on low heat with a little added soya milk. She made us sandwiches from salmon and fresh avocado on toasted wheat bread. I had myself a cup of iced Asian white green tea. Here are some of the pictures!


    Cooked salmon and fresh avocado on buttered wheat bread toast.


    Slightly runny scrambled eggs.


    Sautéed potato cubes.


    How was this healthy? Avocados are potent anti-oxidants; salmon is a rich source of omega-3 and wheat bread is nutritious, is a great source of dietry fibre and helps to reduce heart diseases. Eggs are a good source of protein and scrambling them with soya milk instead of dairy milk means less fat is used, since soya is a healthier alternative to dairy. Finally, the canola olive oil (blend of canola and extra virgin olive oil) used for the potatoes is low-fat, containing just roughly 7% saturated fat content (sunflower oil has about 12%) and is good for the heart too. The white green tea I drank alongside the wonderful spread was a combination of both white and green tea, both very good anti-oxidants as well.


    We had such a fun time cooking and an even better time eating together! I had no idea it was going to be so healthy but it certainly never hurts to indulge in health foods once in a while. Overall, this was relatively easy to make and no preparation was needed because everything was fresh. You should try this too!





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