lookin’ good for jesus

    I know this might be old news to some of you. The cosmetics line up for the range Lookin’ Good for Jesus is controversial. In fact, it’s been banned in stores in Singapore since 2008. Check out some of their packaging below:

    Bubble Bath

    Sparkle Cream,Travel – sized

    Coin Purse

    Parent company, Blue Q, also has other cosmetic ranges such as Miso Pretty and Queen that have been and/or are currently sold in Topshop stores. I’ve never bought any of their cosmetic products since I don’t know anyone who uses them. I guess their only selling point is the marketing scheme and product packaging. The upcoming Topshop cosmetics launch might either be good or bad news for Blue Q. Either shoppers will be more aware of their products or be distracted by Topshop’s. Any thoughts?

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