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    It’s funny. I just received an email inviting me to blog about a body slimming product, a cream actually, and I considered it. I looked in the mirror. I wobbled my body parts. But I can’t find any part of me that needs slimming. Yes, I’m confessing. Even though I’d get to try out really cool products (it’s a brand that Singaporeans will know) that include an anti-cellulite cream, I just don’t see how I can use them. I have to be honest and I think many girls out there have to as well. It’s just not a healthy mindset to want to slim down or get skinnier if you are already of an acceptable size. Everyone’s got to love their bodies. I mean, it’s your only one!

    I’m not saying slimming products are evil. They are not. What I believe in is that they should be used only when it is very necessary and when there are no other options. They can be used to help you achieve the figure you want to have, but they shouldn’t be solely relied upon. Having a proper diet, sleep and regular exercise are what you should be doing, if you don’t already know.

    Anyway, my point is this:

    On my right leg

    On my left leg

    Don’t get it yet? I have green veins that are threatening to become varicose veins. The ones at the back of my left knee are worse and very much more obvious than the ones on my right. They don’t look that bad now but they get worse everytime I walk for too long (cue retail therapy). Instead of doing reviews about body slimming stuff, I think it’s more relevant that I do reviews on IPL treatments.

    It’s bad. I’m still so young! I suspect it’s the contraceptives I’m taking (Diane-35). It’s worked really well for my complexion but it also seems to be giving me a blood circulatory problem. Should I stop taking them? Sigh.

    Anyway, here’s a quick mini FOTD for yesterday. I’m only showing the close up of my left eye.

    The colours I used for this were as follows: M.A.C.’s eyeshadows in Nylon (shimmer above the blues) and Vanilla (highlighter), the turquoise shade from Pop Beauty’s Eye Cake in Teal Eyes and Makeup Forever’s eyeshadow in 167. Yeah I got some onto my lashes (Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara in 01 Black) but that wasn’t an issue. I also have the habit of skipping eyeliner so that’s why you don’t see any here.

    I hope everyone has a great week ahead. Monday’s already over and we’re reaching mid-week!

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