I met up with a dear friend over the weekend. We haven’t met ever since I left for France a year ago. She’d bought me so many things while she was holidaying in Korea! So here are just some of the things I received as a present.

    Skinfood's Omija Whitening Mask Sheets - I love these!


    Some My Beauty Diary mask sheets.


    Aren't the pink flowers cute?


    Misa's Nail Laquers - A Christmas preview.


    Apart from these, she also got me a DVD set of Naughty Kiss and a Face Shop calendar featuring Kim Hyun Joong. Cool! I can’t wait to use the masks. Thanks cor dear!


    A little update about the Differin which I’d mentioned in my previous entry. The lotion gave me a bad rash on my face and dried my skin up so bad, I stopped using it even though I was applying it only once every alternate night. I felt like my face was rotting and my Diorskin Nude liquid foundation couldn’t even go on smoothly because of all the flaky skin and the many tiny pustules popping up everywhere. I’ve since stopped using it and now my skin is almost back to normal. I bought a new cleanser for sensitive skin and will blog about it soon!


    I think it’s really important to know when you’re having an allergic reaction to a topical ointment / cream / lotion and how to distinguish it from an expected initial reaction to the drug. I knew that Differin would cause an initial outbreak of pimples but I also knew that if a rash appeared, it would be a warning sign. When the rash came along with skin tautness, flakiness of skin, a stinging sensation that would not go away and the appearance of pustules (they look like white heads, but bigger), I knew that these were all negative symptoms to mean that I had to stop using Differin right away. Reducing dosage of the lotion did not help because all these effects just got worse each time I applied the product. If they occurred only once or twice, it would be OK but they occurred every single time. So now, that tube of Differin is chucked in one corner and left untouched. FYI, my friend’s mum used Differin once and it got so bad that the doctor told her she had burns from using it!


    I’m not saying that Differin is bad because it does work for some people. It’s just that when you are unsure of what signs to look out for, always, always read the instruction label that comes with the product before using it. This will help you to identify a bad reaction and when you need to stop and/or consult a doctor. Don’t forget this!


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