I got to try this bath bomb when I was on holiday in Prague. The boyfriend and I were walking downtown when suddenly he said that I was going to like the store just around the corner. He was right! It was a Lush store! Of course I dragged him there. Oh OK, I didn’t actually drag him. I just got into hyper mode and he resigned himself to fate.


    I decided to get one of the bath bombs to try out because the hotel had a tub and I don’t at home. In the end, I got the Honey Bee Bath Bomb because it seemed to smell the best.


    Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics' Honey Bee Bath Bomb.


    The bomb was too cute to resist! It fizzed the moment it touched the water and didn’t stop until the very end. It turned the bath water muddy yellow and made my skin really moisturised to the touch. It was actually really fun to watch too! It contains honey and rhassoul mud from the Atlas mountains – both very moisturising ingredients. If you’d like to see a video of it in action, watch the short video below. I recommend this product for a fun time in the bath! Hint: Try holding it in your hand out of the water while it fizzes. It’s alive!



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