Shea Butter


    The Body Shop's Shea Body Scrub.


    A tub filled with scrubby goodness.


    I rediscovered this gem in my bathroom yesterday. It’s a great body scrub, just like all of The Body Shop’s body scrubs. This one is extremely moisturising. The scrub kind of melts on my skin when i rub it on without towel drying beforehand. Washing it off is pretty easy but, for some people who might not like it, it leaves behind a film of moisture. I suggest using it after your shower gel.


    It’s great for a pick-me-up on one of those really humid days where you feel like you’ve just got to scrub off all that dirt on you and at the same time have a mini DIY pampering session at home. I guess the one good thing about this scrub is that you don’t need a body moisturiser after. Also, it doesn’t feel abrasive (because it really melts when you rub it on) and you smell good afterwards! The smell isn’t overwhelmingly buttery. It’s just nice and actually makes me feel luxurious. The only thing missing now is a bathtub!


    Tell me, what is your current favourite body scrub?



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