Smoking Vs. Beauty

    by Roxanne C.

    It’s no secret. Smoking kills. I hate it and I don’t know why some people don’t.


    I’ve never been a supporter of smoking in any way, whether it’s for social reasons or due to addiction. It destroys everything, kills relationships, harms those around you and is also a cause of environmental pollution. Besides that, it makes one uglier.


    If you are vain, I don’t see why you need to smoke besides being a slave to tobacco. There’s nothing glamorous about puffing on a cigg. Smoking ages a person. It causes wrinkles to grow around your mouth because you keep doing that “o” face when you suck on that cancer stick. Your fingernails turn yellow and if you don’t cover them up with a layer of polish, you look diseased, like you have a very localised case of jaundice. Your body’s metabolism rate slows down and you can’t produce collagen as often. This means the rest of you ages as well and not just your face. More wrinkles appear. Crows’ feet? Check. Freckles will become commonplace and before you know it, you’ll look like you’re 10 years older than you really are.


    You'd think you look like this...


    But instead you look like this.


    There is really no point in trying to maintain your beauty when you are a smoker. Slapping on tons of moisturiser every night, going for botox injections, eating bird’s nest, investing in pimple creams etc… All these and more are just a waste of money and time if you are doing the very thing that nullifies their effects!


    Your outer beauty fades and dies. So does your inner one. Your organs start to get weaker and more tired. You become weaker. Makeup can only do so much to make you look beautiful but once you strip that off, you look nothing better than Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Just as he is a slave to the power of that one ring of evil, you are a slave to the power of nicotine and all the other harmful substances in that cigg.


    You no longer have a normal, healthy life. You no longer care about detox, exercise and fun. You just live your life going from cigarette to cigarette, each interval between cigarettes a miserable countdown to the time you can no longer function properly without taking a puff. You lose friends who were once close to you because you are inconsiderate towards their health (and yours). You stink all the time and you know it. They don’t want to die from cancer if they can help it. You say you can quit anytime you wish but we all know what a farce that is. It’s just a ridiculous excuse because if you really could quit, why do you need to wait for the “right time” to do so? Why did you even find an excuse to start in the first place? Was there ever a “good time” to start smoking? THE ANSWER IS NO. IT IS ALWAYS NO.


    If you are a smoker who is not thinking of quitting, just admit that you are addicted. There is nothing ever so slightly good about smoking and denying that you are addicted to it just makes you look even worse than you already do. Admitting that you are addicted when you are is the first step you can take to stop being delusional about yourself and life as a whole. If you cannot be true to yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else and where is the beauty in that?


    I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen pregnant women smoking and we all know that that is one of the most irresponsible things a parent can do. Smoking is not a pretty sight. Why do you choose to ignore this fact? No one can make you quit but yourself.


    I tag everyone who reads this to write about smoking. Whether you are a smoker who wishes to quit, a smoker who does not want to quit, someone who knows a smoker and hopes they quit or even if you just have something to say about smoking. Write about it and comment below with a link to your article. If we can’t stop people from smoking and affecting their (and for some, our) quality of life, the least we can do is to share our opinions on the issue and be open about it. No one ever has to suffer in silence just because of James Bonsack’s lethal brainwave.



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