For great skin, it’s always a must to take some time in the shower. To get rid of uneven skin tone and lighten stretch marks, use cocoa butter. It really works. What I do is that after rinsing off my shower foam, I exfoliate. And finally, just before I put my clothes on and get out of the bathroom, I moisturise. It’s really simple.

    The Body Shop’s Body Scrub in Cocoa Butter

    Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion

    Both products are not expensive. You can definitely get them at The Body Shop and at your nearest NTUC, Watsons, Guardian or any other pharmacy. The body scrub helps to prevent ingrown hairs for those of us who either shave, epilate or wax. Don’t over-exfoliate, though. You still want to at least have skin. The moisturiser actually does even out the skin tone and even on me, my scars have definitely become lighter. I’m not even halfway through my first bottle yet!

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