velcro patch

    Velcro Patches

    by Roxanne C.

    I came across these wonderful things in SaSa the other day and I thought I should do a review on them. These are lovely and I wonder why I haven’t used them before or discovered them earlier! They are patches of velcro used to hold up your hair when you’re doing your makeup. They are sold in pairs at SaSa for S$6.90 a pair. It’s enough if you just want to hold your fringe away from your face for a temporary period.

    The pair I got

    Notice the velcro on the surface

    It’s amazing because you don’t need anything else. You just smack it onto your hair and there it will stay!

    There’s nothing here but the velcro

    The best part is that it doesn’t leave any mark or shape in your hair, which you’ll get when you use clips, pins or rubber bands. Just take the patch off when you’re done! A good investment, I must say.

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